Catch and Let Live

As more and more humans move into previously uninhabited locale, we find ourselves living with neighbors we were not expecting. There’s bound to be some conflicts as the domestic world crosses borders with the unbidden wild.

Ever had a squirrel in the attic? A bat in the belfry? Or an opossum in the basement? Instances like these are becoming more common these days, with the news reporting an occasional mountain lion peering in through the patio door. Some folks are immediately repulsed by nature intruding on their homes. Nature literally just lets itself come on in and take a nap in the corner. The immediate reaction for some is to kill it. Smash it. Hit it with a broom. Just get it out of the house. But these creatures are innocent, and can be safely removed by professionals. Hiring a professional wildlife remover can ensure the animal experiences no injury or harm, and neither do the humans involved.


There are several wildlife removal companies out there like this one: Wildlife and pest.┬áSome pest control companies may offer to remove the snake under your bed too, but you will want to ask them if they use poisons or other harmful methods to remove the animal. Remember, it’s not the animal’s fault for stopping in to visit. The critter is likely just looking for food or shelter. A trained wildlife removal expert will capture, contain and release the animal safely back into its environment where it belongs. Professional wildlife removal services even clean up any nests or feces left behind by your temporary resident, a service most pest control companies do not fool with.

Encountering an unexpected visitor is bound to happen to folks as we build more homes and expand our borders into fields, forests and other landscapes. We can still respect our furry friends by humanely removing them from our homes, and learn to live side-by-side. After all, they were here first.